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2006 Meetings
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This page will contain all the information regarding the meetings we filmed in 2006 Season!

2006 Meetings Page last updated 28.2.2007

Oval Raceway Worthing 2nd January

New Years Bash

All the Days Racing filmed with SEGTO Rods

Nudge n Spin etc, with Caravan Racing aswell

(2 Camera Edit of NnS & Caravans)


Ringwood Raceway 8th April

2 Litre Bangers World Qualifier

Whole Meeting filmed with

2l Bangers, Rookie Rods and Lightning Rods

2 camera edit of the Banger Races

With the epic war between Posh Wash and Team Mental!

VHS 8 or DVD 10

Ringwood Raceway 1st May 2005
Bank Holiday Special
Whole Meeting filmed with the
Rookie Bangers inc. Chained Pairs and Ramp Rollover and Support Formulas
Fence Camera included on Ramp Rollover 2 Camera Edit of RR
DVD only 10

Ringwood Raceway 6th May

Unlimited Bangers WQ

All the meeting filmed with all 3 Formulas

National Bangers, Rookie Rods & Stock Rods

A 2 Camera Edit of the Bangers including fence camera!

Another chapter of the famous Posh Wash v Mental War all here!

This DVD includes 298 Sam Wyatt’s epic hit on 355 Mark Simmonds

DVD only 10

Ringwood Raceway 13th May

Meeting filmed with all 4 formulas

Rookie Bangers, Stock Cars, Jr Rookie Rods & Outlaw Hot Rods

DVD only 10

Ringwood Raceway 20th May

All the meeting filmed with 4 formulas

Rookie Bangers, 2l Saloon Stock Cars, Stock Rods and Baby Grands

DVD only 10

SAA Horndean Raceway 11th June

2 Litre Bangers and Prod Stox filmed with a 2 Camera Edit

DVD only 10

Oval Raceway Worthing 18th June

Whole meeting filmed including

Nudge n Spin, Babygrands, Pit Bikes and all other formulas

DVD only 8

Oval Raceway Worthing 2nd July

Whole meeting filmed

Nudge n Spin, Prod Rods etc

2 camera edit of Nudge n Spin Races

DVD only 8

Ringwood Raceway 8th July

2l Hot Rods English Championship

Whole meeting filmed with

Rookie Bangers over 1800cc, Lightning Rods and Hot Rods English

DVD only 10

 Ringwood Raceway 15th July
Unlimited Bangers
Whole meeting filmed with
National Bangers, Hot Rods, V8 Stock Cars & Jr Rookie Rods
3 Camera Edit of the Bangers! Watch 45 Lips set about opposing the East Anglian Invasion Great Stuff!
DVD only 10








This is one of our biggest products to date with a 4 Camera Edit and Fence Camera of all the action from the Bangers!

This DVD includes a specially edited introduction showing you just a taste of the action of whats to come! We have a roaming camera round the pit area showing you some of the cars before they enter battle!

We then move onto the racing with 4 action packed banger races for you with highlights packages after each race showing some of the hits from different angles etc. With highlights from 804 Ben Small who put on an excellent show in his Volvo with some big hits and driving into everything he sees, and 68 Dicko pulled off one of the hits of the day with his blitzing on 277 Gav Perryman which is caught jus on our cameras! Also 606 Boomer who destroys the Belgian Yank of 43 Applehein in fine style with a huge T-bone.

After the comes the highlights package of the best bits of the days action shown to you again for one last time!


DVD only 11


Ringwood Raceway 29th July

Rookie Banger Team Championship

Whole Meeting filmed with

Rookie Banger Teams, Legends, Stock Cars & Stock Karts

All the action caught from this excellent meeting with some big follow ins and jack ups in the Rookie Bangers

DVD only 10


Ringwood Raceway 5th August

2l Banger Summer Open Championship

Last meet under the Big S!

Meeting filmed with both Bangers, Rookie Rods & Ninja Karts

2 Camera edit of the Bangers!

The Banger boys go out for more big crash at Ringwood for the Big S!

Includes one of Ringwood’s classic log jam pile ups which is great stuff!

DVD only 10


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Smeatharpe Stadium Taunton 13th August

"One Sunny Day"

Bangers only filmed 2 Camera edit and in car camera with 32 Matt Small

Great action from the compact bangers with some big follow ins getting some big airtime! This DVD also includes a 30 car D.D which is absolutely epic!

DVD Only 10





United Downs St. Day Raceway 27th August


Unlimited Bangers Wild West Open & Ministox

Our biggest meeting we've filmed to date!

The annual Blockbusta brings a wide range of drivers down the West Country for a big wrecking session, this proved to be a great meeting with around 75 bangers competing. Watch 199 Jamie "Bona" Wyatt put on an epic display in his Ford County Squire Est. with some big hits and crashes which earned him the day’s best wrecker and hit of the day awards!

This DVD is a 2 Camera edit of the days racing with a fence camera aswell in the banger races which catches some awesome crashes right up close!

We start things off with an introduction sequence of some of the days action, then we move onto some shots of the cars round the pit area and the grand parade is all shown, we then move onto the racing and what a good show it was with 7 banger race all shown together with highlights packages after each race, highlights include 262 Buddy James huge follow in into the Granada hearse which is caught superb on our fence camera, 133 Werzal’s destruction of Reel Steel Duo 733 & 737, 199 Bona's epic wrecking display and 190 Pikeys huge crash in the derby on 142 James Herman! After all this there is a highlights package of the day’s best action shown to you again one last time!

Ministox continue after this!


DVD only 10


SAA Horndean raceway 28th August

2l Bangers and Prod Stox filmed only

(2 Camera edit of all the races)

DVD only 8



Smeatharpe Stadium Taunton 10th September

National Banger World Championship Meeting

This years World Final Meeting attracted more than 70 drivers to the vast small Devon oval! Watch 46 Maverick cruise to victory in the World Race with some big hits along the way in the support races and D.D with 989 Dean Arm in impressive form with big hits on 298 Sam Wyatt and 190 Pikey. 32 Matt Small is also in fine form with 2 big burials on 908 Dave Brown and 199 Jamie Wyatt! The D.D at this meeting is most probably the most destructive one you would have seen all year with hits going in like you've never seen!

The whole meeting is filmed with the Bangers, Saloon Stock Cars & Stock Rods

2 Camera Edit of the banger races, fence camera included also and In Car camera footage from 32 Matt Small which shows his epic burial on 199 Jamie Wyatt in the D.D


DVD only 10


SAA Horndean Raceway 10th September

Unlimited Banger Open

Unlimited Bangers and Prod Stox Filmed Only

2 Camera edit and fence camera of the Bangers

Action from the Bangers includes 274 Tom Grantham following in 131 EG on the pit turn big style and 366 Carl Stacey following in 68 Dicko!

DVD only 10



Smeatharpe Stadium Taunton 22nd October
Under 1800cc Bangers Team Championship
Around 80 cars for this years annual team championship at the Devon Oval, with a large raiding party of Aftermath Drivers this was going to be lively affair.This meeting was absoloute epic for the conditions it was held in, with some huge follow ins and epic performances by the Coopers and 120 Shane Brown. This DVD features an intro sequence, shots of the cars in the pits then all 8 races edited with 3 cameras with highlights packages after each race, also includes in car footage with 602 Shaun Cooper from Heat 1 and then the end sequence of all the best bits of the days racing!
DVD only 10


Arlington Eastbourne 28th October
Gala Nite 06 Unlimited Bangers
Eastbournes showpiece event of the year the annual Gala Nite always attracts a fair amount of bangers with around 50 in total with some material and some top drivers this meeting was always going to be lively!
Unlimited Bangers only filmed with 2 Camera Edit
DVD only 10


Ringwood raceway 11th November
Rookie Banger Team Championship
All the meeting filmed with
Rookie Banger Teams, Thunder Rods and Junior Rods
DVD only 10


Ringwood Raceway 18th November
World Van Banger Championship
Whole Meeting filmed with 2 Camera Edit
Van Bangers,Rookie Bangers & Euro Rods
DVD only 10



Ringwood Raceway 25th November
Ringwood hosted its annual 3000 open on a cold and wet night at Matchams in November with doubts of it being a good meeting due to certain politics which were un controlable, but put a side 65 drivers turned out for the night with some big names aswell so we were in for a real treat with the racing!
Action includes the wrecking trains from heats 1 + 3 and the huge hit by Sam Wyatt in heat 3 also with a fast and furious final included also!
This DVD includes an intro sequence, a roam around the pits, all the banger races edited with 3 cameras and a fence camera with higlights packages after each race then a longer one at the end of the racing with all the best clips shown to you one more time! We also have a photo section with a selection of shots from Alex Catley which are an added feature to the DVD.We then also have some more features with footage from this event in 2004 which is great stuff to watch!
DVD only 11


Ringwood Raceway 16th December
Dash for Cash
Whole Meeting filmed with 2 camera edit and Fence Camera
National Bangers 1600cc,Rookie Banger Young Guns & Euro Rods
DVD only 10