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2008 Meetings
About/Contact Us
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2005 Meetings
D.T Videos was established in 2005 where by we started filming officially at one of our local tracks SAA Horndean Raceway for the big banger meetings of the season their!
We then in 2006 have expanded further a field filming officially at certain big banger events around the country!
At the meetings we attend where we are not making the meeting Video, we compile clips pf the action at that meeting and convert them onto a compilation tape with a series of lots crashes from all round the U.K. These series of DVDs are our Metal Bending Collection! Which can be found on our Crash Compilations page

At D.T Videos we try our best to give the viewer the best product as possible. All the meetings we film at we cut and edit all of our video footage to give you the best view of the racing as possible with multiple camera edits and titled graphics. We also add music to our DVDs to enhance and add some atmosphere to the end product with higlights packages, pit shots etc. In some of our other DVDs we also use fence cameras and in car cameras to get you that much closer to the action, and give you a view of the aspect as a driver!

D.T Videos
19 Goodhew Close
BN18 0JA
You can telephone us at
01243 554007

Where you can find us at certain
Race Days
Ringwood Raceway
At Race days at Ringwood you can find our stall located in the Trackshop located under Race Control
Smeatharpe Stadium Taunton
You can find us at the old Bar at Smeatharpe located with our Stall



To Order Videos or DVDs
Please send a cheque or postal order payable to

Stock Avalability
Most of our products we produce are constantly available in stock we have an extensive archive of Vides/DVD's since we started producing them in 2005 so don't hestitate to ask for any products that may not be advertised anymore etc..