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Posh Wash on Tour 2007

"Coz it was all Yellow"

The boys in yellow and black are back!

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Posh Wash on Tour this being the 2007 version and bigger and better than ever!

We have footage from all there meetings including all there smart motors and big crashes for all of you to enjoy from your living room. We have action from such tracks as Smeatharpe, St. Day, Ringwood, Mendips and Wimbledon. This includes many highlights such as the much publicised war with Team Mental, 298 Showman’s storming performances at the Winter Open and Ringwood Team Championship, 341 Jonesey in lightning form at Smeatharpe with a number of big crashes, 133 Werzal’s destruction of 327 Syd Junior at the 10,000 weekend, 199 Bona in his 300c at Smeatharpe and 228 Capstar’s insane head on at Ringwood in the summer.

This DVD has all these highlights and many more with lots of different camera angles including in car footage from some meetings, highlights packages and an interactive menu!

So sit back and enjoy the boys in yellow and black coz they are well and truly back!



Posh Wash on Tour 2006
"These Colours don't Run"

The follow up to one of our best selling dvd’s is here for a second time round! The Yellow  Ones (Posh Wash) on tour 2006 DVD is here one of the top teams on the national scene all you will see on this DVD is non stop crashes of the team in action! We have action from all over the country ranging from Ringwood, Eastbourne, Sheffield, Bristol, Taunton, St. Day and Wimbledon! This DVD gives you an insight to the team on the road leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, with huge hits and lots of action! Main highlights are from the Posh WASH verses team Mental feud which is centre of attention with some big hits and lots of controversy! Top crashes include 186 Mike PUllen at standlake pulling off some big, The boys warring with mental at the ringwood openers.werzal & bona epic performances when west of the coutnry and 28 danny caplin at wimbledon world final keeping his car going pulling of several hits! this dvd includes an interactive dvd menu with chapters leading to all their different meets. an introduction with all the drivers in action showing off their wrecking skills with a highlights package at the end of the dvd showing all the best action of the team THIS YR! thankyou to alex catley for some of the still shots on the cover! check out

for some more pictures.

DVD or VHS 10


Yellow Ones on Tour 2004 to 2005

Renowned as one of the top up and coming teams in the world of banger racing The Yellow Ones (Werzal & Bona) have been on their travels leaving a trail of bent metal wherever they go. See them travel across the south of England mainly with most of the big meetings they attend and the odd domestic, with lots of action here there is nothing to be sneezed at with big hits such as 199 ‘BONA’s” huge follow in on 34 Paul Tapp’s where seconds later 988 Bill Dennison thunders in to form a follow in train at CRAHSARAMA 7 in May at Taunton. Other highlights include their epic wrecking display at the 2005 Southern Open at Ringwood with several big hits going in every lap. 133 ‘Werzal’s huge hits at the West of England championship on 58 Martin Dalton and 321 ‘WINGNUT’. The DVD has some action from 2004 but mainly 2005 with a music sequence at the start and one at the end with all the best hits together for your enjoyment. Some crashes are shown from 2 angles and have slow motion replays on the top hits. This DVD also has direct links to each meeting without you having to spool the tape. 

DVD only 10